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"You don't have to be the big guy!"


a bit about me:

"Though I still consider myself young. With the support of a loving family and of my late mother (Marcella Kane)  I have had the priveledge to be able to compete in multiple sports Irish dancing and Martial Arts at an international level.  Sport has been such a big part of my life from a very young age and I absolutely love both the participating and teaching of it. I have also had one of the greatest honours known to man. This being selected by the public as an inspiration and running with the olympic torch in 2012. There are some memories I will hold dear and treasure forever."

I leave you with an Irish Poem

Ná seas ar m'uaigh agus caoin;

Nuair a mhaireann Éire

Ni fhaighim bas!

Do not stand at my grave and cry,

when Ireland lives i do not die!

Dear mum, everything I do, I do in memory of you!

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