Corporate Courses

"You don't have to be the big guy!"

Whether your looking for an inspirational school assembly to motivate your pupils or are a large corporate company wishing to take your staff to the next level Rebecca delivers talks aimed at.

  • Women in the professional workplace.

  • Be the Best Version of you - in any arena.

01 Public Speaking

02 Martial Arts Workshops

School and Group Workshops. 

Rebecca will motivate you and help you develop life skills as well as martial arts techniques in her martial arts workshops. 

Your group will;

  • De stress

  • Become more confident

  • Learn to work as a team.

  • Look at conflict management.

  • Learn something new.

03 Self Defence Consultancy 

Rebecca enjoys delivering Self Defence courses to a range of unique groups.

  • Ladies only

  • People with Learning difficulties and disabilities.

  • Children 

  • Adults of all ages. 

She will take you through effective self defence moves and scenario's so that you can relate to situations. 

A reality based approach to help deal with 21st century issues.

04 Dance Workshops

Rebecca can deliver dance workshops for the following. 

  • Schools

  • Clubs

  • Events i.e Ceilis

Dance is proven to have numerous health benefits. 

Dance is also part of the national curriculum and Rebecca has taught many PE sessions delivering dance accross kirklees. 

05 Team Building Courses 

You want to develop team work within your organisation. You have come to the right place. Rebecca has an amazing facility that can host companies and deliver a range of Team building activities. 

This is guaranteed to change mindsets and help employees and employers develop mutual respect for one another. 

These courses will really help companies who survive in the most stressful situations thrive in them. 

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